Food & Beverage Products


Dunkin' Chrysler HQ Kiosk On Location (22).jpg


Here is an example of a full-service kiosk designed and manufactured by The Carriage Works for longtime client, Dunkin' Donuts. Featured in this particular full-service kiosk are plumbing and electrical hookups, electronic displays, and behind-the-counter display cases.

Unless an order comes through for multiple units of the same product, no two orders are alike. The Carriage Works prides itself on the customizable nature of our products. A full-service kiosk is capable of a large variety of features including: plumbing and electrical hookups, electronic displays, full ventilation hoods, and personal touches like display cases, design preferences, and more. 


This is an example of one of the more compact products we offer. This is a cart designed for Angry Birds Park in Sweden. This client opted for simple graphic on the front of the cart with awnings on all sides that can glide up and down. 

The Carriage Works wants to find the best product to meet your needs. In a lot of cases, a small cart can be the perfect choice! Other options for a cart in include, size, mobility, graphic design choice, rolling security doors, pop-up counter space, display cases, plumbing and electrical hookups, and even more.


The Carriage Works wants to make sure that the products we provide will not only be catchy to the eye, but extremely functional for the people using them! Here we want to showcase the different kinds of design capability our team has. This rolling cart features a display case, extended countertops, electric hookups and a carved wood design on the front.


Check out the gallery to see even more examples of different food & beverage products The Carriage Works has designed and fabricated