That Funny Name...

The Carriage Works was founded by John and Barbara Evensizer in 1978.  Their business began by designing and building horse-drawn carriages. Their customers extended into Hollywood and included George Lucas, Slim Pickens, James Brolin, and even Disneyland.  Hence the origin of the “funny” name, “The Carriage Works”.

While building carriages for Disneyland, they were asked to build a hot dog stand in the shape of a covered wagon. That opened the door for a buffet kiosk at Goofy’s Kitchen and, “Their lives were changed forever.” They went on to develop more carts and kiosks and soon transitioned into this new business full time – all the while keeping the distinctive name, “The Carriage Works”.

Over the next four decades the Company grew by providing a high quality product to some of the largest companies in the world, as well as entrepreneurs just starting out in their businesses.  The Company is recognized internationally for its longevity and its commitment to quality and customer service.

In 2014, the Evensizers decided to retire and they ultimately sold the Company to Brian and Debbie Dunham in the spring of 2015.  Brian is actively managing the company.  He is an entrepreneur with a long, successful career in custom manufacturing.  His objective is to build on the Company’s reputation and history as one of the top designers and manufacturers of carts, kiosks and retail merchandising units in the country, while at the same time growing the Company by providing excellent quality and customer service.

Oh yes, the “new” Company is keeping that old, funny name.  “The Carriage Works” is off to a fresh start and is moving forward into a new, exciting era.