The Carriage Works employs a world-class, expert design team. Each design procured by our team is custom and unique to each of our clients. If you have a design already in mind, great! If not, no problem! We can work with complete designs or just basic guidelines for each product. Each project goes through a bidding process, so you will see the complete design before it goes through to the next stage. All we need is your approval!


The Carriage Works just recently moved into a new facility that nearly doubles it's previous production capacity, enabling us to work on more units at a time and at a quicker speed. Whether your order is for a single unit or multiple units, each product coming through our warehouse is carefully crafted through each stage: wood, metal, paint and drying. The awesome team working in our warehouse have centuries of combined experience and they work together to ensure each product leaving our facility is of the highest quality and The Carriage Works name and brand can be proud.

Ship & Install

After a unit is completed, our team disassembles the unit and wraps it in a protective coating in preparation for its journey home. Distance is no problem, The Carriage Works has shipped products far and wide, domestic and international. If you don't believe it, check out our map! Once your cart, kiosk, or RMU(s) has arrived, our install team will be there ready to set it up. 

From start to finish, The Carriage Works has intentionally created the process to be completely hassle and stress free! Please, call or email us today! 

For a more in-depth look at the process, check out our Vision to Reality page, where we show you the process one client went through to create the kiosk of their dreams!